Art Deco Style

Art Deco Style

Like fashion, the decor changes and evolves with its time, however, some styles are timeless. This is the case of Art Deco style. As a fan of art, I have a penchant for Art Deco style.

It represents discovery and travel, thanks to the materials used such as exotic woods from Madagascar, marble (often from Italy) or velvet. But this Art Deco style is not only the materials, it is also the colors. It uses colors like the night blue or the fir green by associating them with gold metal and brass.

This trend is also one of the first to have seduced the international scene. The movement was a little out of breath in the post-war years, but has been back on the scene for a few years and at the heart of many houses and hotels.

This is the case of our hotel which decided in 2018 to make a facelift thanks to Oscar Lucien founder and artistic director of the firm Maison Numéro 20.
This renovation today allows the Hotel "The Burdigala" to offer its customers a trip in a not so distant time. Because Art is also about traveling and discovering. 

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