Manon joined the Inwood team a year ago. Our Inwood Lover is Marketing Assistant. In this article, Manon shares with you her love for the Darwin ecosystem, a natural space in the heart of Bordeaux.

Manon recommends the Darwin ecosystem, an eco-responsible place to live

The Darwin Space was created in 2010. Previously, the place was dominated by former buildings belonging to the army. Today, this 10,000 m² living space represents a real ecosystem. Numerous activities are offered to you: catering, sports, shopping... And all this in an environmentally friendly way!

Our Inwood Loveuse discovered Darwin for the first time with the Inwood team. She tells us: "I was pleasantly surprised by this unique place". Manon was seduced by this space, which she considers "an example to follow to guarantee our future". Manon says: "in a relaxed atmosphere, this old military station offers you an urban farm, a skate park, free expression spaces for graffiti artists, an organic grocery store...”

"The Darwin ecosystem is a place for relaxation and well-being"

Manon confides to us: "Darwin is for me a Bordeaux address not to be missed!”. All the activities on offer will give you a unique and ecological experience in Bordeaux.

Our Inwood Loveuse likes to regularly spend a few days to get away from Parisian life where everything goes fast. She appreciates Bordeaux's commitment to ecology: "I am therefore one of the people who are aware of this cause. During my daily life, I try as much as possible to respect the environment while raising awareness among my loved ones".

"I like to go for a walk in Darwin where the atmosphere is always festive," says Manon. Darwin is not only an eco-responsible place, it is also a place of sharing where we get together to share good times with friends and family!