Firstly used in King Louis XV furniture, the rattan cane weaving, or commonly known as canework, this technique has crossed the ages and is now a must in interior designs.

Perceived as outdated and old-fashioned for several years, this weaving technique is now imposing itself in all the interior design companies and seduces by its infinity of declinations. Previously used for the structures of chairs, armchairs and benches and covered with more noble materials to hide its woven pattern, the canework is now at the center of our decorations. It has become the essential element for a decoration mixing vintage, country and elegance.


Particularly in love with the interior decoration and great bargain hunters, we can only succumb under the charm of the canework and the added value that it brings to a decoration.

Mainly present on furniture fronts such as chests of drawers, sideboards or screens, the caning fades in your decoration without doing too much. You do not want to change all your furniture? We have the solution, incorporate small touches of cane here and there. A mirror in the center of a cane frame, a headboard or a pencil pot, everything is possible to give your interior a light and airy look.

In your living room, your bedroom, your office or even outside, the canework will be a hit with your guests. Available in all major decorating stores and suitable for all budgets, cane is at the center of attention and trendy interiors.

Don't miss to discover the different cane products in the different stores of interior decoration in Bordeaux during your next visit, until then, we remain available for the organization of your stays and wait for you with impatience.