The Garopapilles restaurant occupies a prominent place in the contemporary gastronomy of Bordeaux. This place is both an open wine cellar with more than 250 references and an excellent restaurant. In a city where the number of restoration points has only increased in recent years, the reputation of chef Tanguy Laviale is only growing.

Indeed, Garopapilles always displays complete fifteen days in advance. Its cuisine appeals to all types of customers: it satisfies lovers of fusion cuisine, gourmets, the most traditional and seduces above all lovers of French cuisine. We are no exception, we love this address more than any other for its simplicity and creativity


Chef Tanguy Laviale offers a unique surprise menu based on two starters, a dish and a dessert, which he creates, modifies and evolves according to the seasons and his desires. Sausage training, cooking meats and their juice have no secrets for him. Thus, we loved the pigeon as well as the quail, however the fish dishes are absolutely not put aside and will surprise you by the richness of their flavors.

As for vegetables, We were amazed by the zucchini violin, which is one of these vegetables still unknown. He proposes it stuffed with candied tomatoes, candied lemon, basil and pine nuts, accompanied by the famous quail roasted with oyster mushrooms.

Since 2014, the cuisine has evolved with finesse and the team has become more efficient.

In 2018, Garopapilles received its first star in the Michelin Guide, the bible of French gastronomy. Garopapilles is one of these establishments of the new French gastronomic wave that we absolutely adore and recommend.