Nestled in a former German submarine base from the Second World War, the Bassins de Lumières opened in 2020. This place, comprising 4 water basins, is presented as the largest digital art center in the world! Based on the model of L'Atelier des Lumières in Paris, Les Bassins de Lumières offer an immersive sound and visual experience in an extraordinary space.  The water basins add a new dimension to the projected art works, taking life on the entire projection rooms.

We had already been won over by L'Atelier des Lumières during our Parisian escapades, but it was in Bordeaux that we were able to fully enjoy the experience thanks to the immensity of the pools, thus offering sufficient distance for the contemplation of the art works.


This experience is the ideal activity for kids as well as for elders! The playful, immense aspect and the sound interjections have the gift of marveling the eyes of the youngest and thus make them discover the artists of painting.

Discover from now until January 2, 2022 the Journeys around the Mediterranean of the impressionists Monet, Renoir or Chagall, as well as works of Yves Klein and his infinity of Blue. 

Take advantage of the night sessions until August 28 to discover, or rediscover, Paul Klee and Gustav Klimt.

So, ready for a timeless experience? See you at the Bassins de Lumières, a stone's throw from the Cité du Vin.