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I have probably already told you (or maybe not), I like having a stroll. I like getting out to walk, to get some fresh air, to exert myself, to think of something, or to think of nothing, but I really like to walk. And when I want to go out but I don’t want to walk, I love taking a bike and going for a ride.

To me biking is walking in another way. You can go biking for different reasons, each one will find personal motivation in it. Biking allows me to discover a region differently, it allows me to go far without much efforts. Then it doesn’t pollute, and you can have a lot of style on a bike.

And if you’re looking for a new activity to practice with your partner, try the romantic bike tour at the sunrise or at the sunset, you’ll tell me what you think about it. ;)




Despite my love of bikes, I can’t practice very often because I live in Paris. It isn’t a very cycling city and riding in Paris isn’t something very exotic. It’s also for that reason that I like to come in Bordeaux.

When I’m in Bordeaux I know that I can go out for tours as soon as I feel like doing it. Bordeaux was ranked 4th worldwide city for the cyclists in 2013, by a Danish student, what makes it a good choice of destination for cyclists.

I discovered quite recently that the town was proposing some tours that you can do on a bike, which are around between 6 and 35 km long. These are very easy rides, anyone can do them (there is no big climb) and it’s another way to discover the city and its surroundings. There are 7 in total : Bordeaux tout en lumière (30 minutes), Bordeaux Unesco (50 minutes), De vert et de pierres (1h45), La campagne au cœur de la ville (2h25), Un avant-goût de vacances (2h30), Les quatre ponts (2h35) et Entre parcs et vignes (2h45). Some rides are in the city, others are trying to pull away. And when I’m feeling myself adventurer, I like to try some new paths which are not indicated on the tours. I suggest you to do it in order to discover some nice hidden roads. The worst that can happen to you is turning back and going back from where you came. ;)

It would be sad to miss that, so go rent some bikes and start riding for an afternoon. :)


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