Darwin ecosystem


As you have discovered throughout my articles, I am a dynamic young woman, full of life and always looking to the future. Precisely the future... these near but also distant years are threatened by man and his over-consumption. They jeopardise the natural balance of our planet, which is beginning to die slowly from year to year. The only solution to this problem is a collective awareness in order to enter into a sustainable society that will guarantee the survival of our planet Earth.  So I am one of the people who are aware of this cause. During my daily life, I try to respect the environment as much as possible while raising awareness among my family and friends.

Bordeaux, which I particularly love, where I like to spend a few days regularly to cut myself off the sometimes exhausting Parisian life is a very active city on this subject. The ecological actions carried out there are multiplying, the Darwin space is a perfect example.


This 10,000 m² real living space in Bordeaux was created in 2010 after having renovated former army buildings in an environmentally responsible manner. Darwin represents a real ecosystem in which I like to stroll. This area offers many activities ranging from catering to shopping and sports. All these entertainments are designed with the environment in mind and operate in an environmentally friendly way on a daily basis. A real Bordeaux district that I particularly like because it represents in my opinion a real example to follow to guarantee our future. It allows you to find yourself in a place that contrasts with Parisian life far from pollution, agitation and overpopulation, sometimes overwhelming, in our magnificent capital.

The Darwin ecosystem is therefore a natural space in which I enjoy relaxing, a place of relaxation and eco-responsible well-being where it is good to walk... Anyway, in my opinion, a Bordeaux address not to be missed! 

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