The Public Garden


It is sometimes difficult for us city-dwellers to find the right place to relax before starting a new week.

For my part, as you know, I really like to walk outside and feel free. It gives me a certain well-being.

The place I love the most in Bordeaux and that allows me to escape is the public garden. When I go there I breathe, I admire the colors of leaves that change with the seasons, I listen to the different sounds that nature offers me and I empty my mind strolling in the garden paths that do not count less than 10 hectares. And if unfortunately, one day nature does not allow me to enjoy its benefits it is still possible to use the QR Code for nature lovers like me. This allows me to learn more about the plant and animal species present in the garden.


If I speak to you today of the public garden it is also because it is a place steeped in history, which allowed it to receive the label of "Jardin remarquable de France" in 2011.

Indeed, it is the first garden to have been thought for its vocation to the opening of the public. Since its creation in 1746 by the landscape architect Ange Jacques Gabriel until today the public garden has been transformed many times. With a very French face like Le Nôtre (gardener of Versailles) the garden was transformed in 1858 around a new style very romantic and English thanks to Louis-Bernard Fischer. This rehabilitation enabled the park to plant more than 150 different species, creating a children's play area with a puppet theater and an old-fashioned carousel.

I advise you to go to the public garden during its opening hours (07:00 to 20:00) to discover its history and to be able to contemplate its evolution.

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