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Art Deco Style

Like fashion, the decor changes and evolves with its time, however, some styles are timeless. This is the case of Art Deco style. As a fan of art, I have a penchant for Art Deco style.

It represents discovery and travel, thanks to the materials used such as exotic woods from Madagascar, marble (often from Italy) or velvet. But this Art Deco style is not only the materials, it is also the colors. It uses colors like the night blue or the fir green by associating them with gold metal and brass.

This trend is also one of the first to have seduced the international scene. The movement was a little out of breath in the post-war years, but has been back on the scene for a few years and at the heart of many houses and hotels.

This is the case of our hotel which decided in 2018 to make a facelift thanks to Oscar Lucien founder and artistic director of the firm Maison Numéro 20.
This renovation today allows the Hotel "The Burdigala" to offer its customers a trip in a not so distant time. Because Art is also about traveling and discovering. 

The essential: the blazer

After that fateful date of March 19, which marks the end of winter, we can all start thinking about this new season on the horizon. Spring is back!!

It's a transition season that I really like.

The trees bloom, the birds sing and we drop our big winter coats. Instead of these large coats, you can see various styles of mid-season jackets. Colourful, sober, with prints, in suede or leather, the blazer has become the essential for women's and men's wardrobes. The "must-have" that gives you an elegant and refined silhouette during the day and in the evening.

This is the case of this beige blazer jacket from Tara Jarmon, which I found directly on their website.

I immediately fell in love with this blazer because thanks to its light linen fabric, it will allow me to match it with pants, jeans, skirts, dresses or simply fitted around the waist. The blazer will adapt to all the stages of my day for a chic and elegant look in all circumstances. 

Yves Saint Laurent said: "When you feel good in a garment, anything can happen. Good clothing is a passport to happiness".

Fight the winter and the cold while keeping some style with a sweater

One of the reason that make me like winter is that it’s the season when I can use my sweaters. You don’t need to have tons of them, I personally use just 2 or 3 of them to keep my upper body warm on each winter. Big sweaters bring undeniably some character to your look and can add to it some vintage touch. Cardigans especially have a strong character and if you add a motif to them, it can transform it into a very nice strong piece.

It’s the case of this Maje cardigan that I found when I was on the website of the Galeries Lafayette. I directly knew that I would like it. It is quite different from those that I’m used to wear, because of its width and its length, but this brings an oversized aspect that is very interesting to create some outfits. And the motif add a retro side that I love.

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