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The Public Garden

The place I love the most in Bordeaux and that allows me to escape is the Public Garden. When I go there I breathe, I admire the colors of leaves that change with the seasons, I listen to the different sounds that nature offers me and I empty my mind strolling in the alleys of the garden.

The Museum of Natural History of Bordeaux

The museum now has a collection of more than 4,000 species that will be presented to the public over time through numerous exhibitions with very specific themes...

Darwin ecosystem

As you have discovered throughout my articles, I am a dynamic young woman, full of life and always looking to the future. Precisely the future... these near but also distant years are threatened by man and his over-consumption. They jeopardise the natural balance of our planet, which is beginning to die slowly from year to year. The only solution...

Le Parc Bordelais

I like winter, it’s the occasion for me to wear my beautiful coats and to dress with another part of my wardrobe. But it’s also a season in which the parks are less alive, people don’t take time to go for a stroll because of the cold, or because of the lack of envy.


Today I wanted to talk about some greenery and to talk naturally.

A bicycle tour

I have probably already told you (or maybe not), I like having a stroll. I like getting out to walk, to get some fresh air, to exert myself, to think of something, or to think of nothing, but I really like to walk. And when I want to go out but I don’t want to walk, I love taking a bike and going for a ride.


To me biking is walking in another way. You can go biking for different reasons, each one will find personal motivation in it. Biking allows me to discover a region differently, it allows me to go far without much efforts. Then it doesn’t pollute, and you can have a lot of style on a bike.

10 questions with Ms. Inwood

“Elena Inwood is the ambassadress of the hotels from the Inwood Hotels group, she’s a lovely young lady to whom we could ask some questions.


Today she allows us to discover her and to enter in her universe”

Instant trend
with Mlle Inwood

The total denim look

Denim is a must for any wardrobe. It's a timeless material that comes in pants, jacket, skirt...


The essential: the blazer

Colourful , sober, with prints, in suede or leather, the blazer has become the essential for wome...


Fight the winter and the cold while keeping some style with a sweater

Big sweaters bring undeniably some character to your look and can add to it some vintage touch.&n...


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