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Temporary exhibition at the Marine Museum

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Mlle Inwood

Temporary exhibition at the Marine Museum


Because of my numerous travels, I met a lot of times the underwater world, it has always been attracting and intriguing me. The human being knows more the lands than the oceans, which are more difficult to reach and to explore. As human beings, the ocean represents a threat for us because we don’t breath under water, but this environment contains wonders. Most people don’t really pay attention to it, which is logical because when we look at it we only see its surface, we don’t suspect all its content and we don’t wonder, we don’t take the time for it. But once that I’m dived into water, it’s the opposite that happens. I forget everything else, I forget the outside, I look at the surface without wondering what is on the other side.

When I was younger, I used to like a lot of diving. Well it hasn’t been always obvious, I needed months to learn how to swim, I was scared of the unknown and of the hazard. But I forced myself and I learned as I could. Then one day my father showed me the scuba diving and I fell in love with it. I discovered a world, almost a universe, where everything was different: the animals, the plants, the ground, the horizon… It was truly unbelievable.


I’m telling you all of this because the Marine Museum in Bordeaux is currently housing an exhibition that I find very interesting. Its name is Sous les Mers – Au-delà de l’image (what literally means “Under the Seas – Beyond the image”), and it’s in partnership with National Geographic (which is a geographic/wildlife/scientific magazine, well-known for the quality of its photos among other things). You will see marine animals’ pictures as you will never see, and as I had never seen. The two totally passionate photographers Paul Nicklen and David Doubilet will lead you into an underwater journey from which you might not come back…

A travel, an absolute excursion out of our world… Colours and poetry on the program.


« Love, beauty and delight  »


The cine notes

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The cine notes


Why do I like cinema? Hard to say, there are probably numerous reasons. Cinema allows me to escape. When I get to the cinema, I forget everything that surrounds me. I forget my life to dive into the protagonists’ ones.

Cinema is for me the only way to live a life that isn’t mine, I can be an adventurer who is going to explore the pyramids, an astronaut who will colonize a remote planet in order to save the humankind … But I can also live more tragic stories, feeling my heart sinking and cry.

Cinema is a magnificent form of art which allies image and sound to create a true experience, suffused with emotions and surprises.


Have you ever been at the Opéra National de Bordeaux? It’s a grandiose building, erected in 1780. It reminds the Greek temples because of its frontage with its big columns and its statues on their top. The inside of the opera house is even more beautiful, the inside stairs even inspired Monsieur Garnier for his opera house in Paris!

What is the link with cinema? You may ask. It’s very simple, from the 7th to the 15th of March will be the second edition of the Ciné-Notes Festival. What is it? It’s a week where different events linked to the cinema will be scheduled. The program includes: a concert in tribute to Bernard Herrmann (one of the greatest films scores composers of history, who composed a lot for Alfred Hitchcock) and a cinema screening with live music (“ciné-concert”) of the movie Vertigo from Alfred Hitchcock (truly exceptional movie) on the Thursday or on the Friday. Then, Saturday the screening of two classics: Marnie then Taxi Driver. And to close, a movie conference presented by Thierry Jousse.

Whether it is to see your classics again or to discover some works that you never had the occasion to see, it is the perfect opportunity!


« Love, euphoria and elegance  »


Les fous rires de Bordeaux

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Les fous rires de Bordeaux


Laugh is so important. I can’t imagine a day without laughing, to me it’s what represents life and what differentiates us from the other animals. Have you ever seen a cat making a joke to another cat? Me neither.

Laughing is the more efficient way to socialize. I can’t be friend with someone if I don’t laugh with this person, but I can be friend with anybody if we laugh together, and this despite everything else. I believe that among everything that defines the human being, the most significant and distinctive ones are art and laugh.

Laugh is also something important in the professional context. My father was saying (and still says) that laugh allows austerity to be avoided in a group of people, that without laughing a group isn’t solid and is no longer relevant. I couldn’t stay serious all day, it would make me too sad and I couldn’t concentrate anymore.


There are different ways of laughing, some are very simple, others are more developed. And concerning the more developed ones I wanted to speak today of an event that will take place in Bordeaux at the Femina theater from the 16th to the 23th of March 2019. Les Fous Rires de Bordeaux is a humorous festival during which will come one after another numerous shows, more than thirty in total. It will be for me the occasion to take some good time with my friends and to break the usual daily routine. The proposed shows are very diversified, among them: stand-up, one-(wo)man shows, magical shows, musical humorous shows and others. There are some great French names like Les Chevaliers du Fiel, Kyan Khojandi,Ben & Arnaud Tsamère,Redouanne Harjane or Laurie Peret for example.

I was speaking of art and laugh as distinctive signs of human beings, wasn’t I? Because what I find beautiful with humorous shows is that those two disciplines join together.


« Love, laugh and casualness »

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