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The Bordeaux International Fair 2020

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Mlle Inwood

The Bordeaux International Fair 2020


I'm a young woman very curious about the world that surrounds me. I like to travel, participate in various exhibitions and exchange with my friends on current topics. For me, learning is synonymous of knowledge and open-mindedness. I believe that being receptive to new ideas involving different points of view makes me grow and allows me to exchange more easily with the people around me.

As far as I am concerned, I develop and maintain my open-mindedness by expanding intellectually through an inexhaustible source of inspiration: the exploration of the world and of others. It is certainly a source of imagination and creativity. This is the reason for my almost systematic participation and my enthusiasm when I learn that an event is coming up.


And if I'm telling you today about all this, it's not without reason. Indeed, one of the biggest events of the year will soon open its doors in the city of epicurean pleasures: The Bordeaux International Fair.

The Bordeaux International Fair, is above all an unmissable event that is meant to be convivial and festive. Bringing together 1200 exhibitors each year, the fair will be structured around 4 major poles: The first pole will focus on the creation of its universe through the discovery of the housing sector. The second pole will focus on the theme of leisure and discovery. And as the city of Bordeaux refers to epicurean pleasures, the fair will organize a pole dedicated to awakening the greed of its visitors thanks to numerous bars, restaurants and exhibitors offering gastronomic products from the region.

And did you know that New Aquitaine is France's leading agricultural region? Well, in order to respect this adage, the Bordeaux fair will also offer a "Salon de l'agriculture" centre, a real window on regional agriculture.

And for the little extra, after six years of research, the Bordeaux International Fair will also present for the first time in Europe the discovery of Howard CARTER's tomb of Tutankhamun and his treasure. An important and fascinating chapter in the history of archaeology, this exhibition will be present for 9 days.

See you all at the exhibition centre from 16 to 24 May 2020 for the 99th edition! Open from 10 am to 7 pm.


Les Bassins de Lumières

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Mlle Inwood

Les Bassins de Lumières


Digital art is coming to Bordeaux with the arrival of a new centre created by Culturespaces: the Bassins des Lumières. In the spring of 2020, the city's former submarine base, a remnant of the Second World War, will become a cultural hotspot. This artistic project, combining contemporary creation and digital images, will host various immersive exhibitions throughout the year.

Les Bassins de Lumières will offer new visual and sound experiences in an extraordinary space. 13,000 m² of total surface area, 12,000 m² of projection area, 4 basins 110 m long, 90 video projectors and 80 speakers: you will be totally immersed in the work of the artists in the honour of the upcoming exhibitions!


The exhibition Klimt, Gold and Colours will open the ball with a sensational immersion in the most beautiful paintings by Gustav Klimt.  Do you know, my dear readers, Gustav Klimt? At the beginning of the 20th century, the Austrian artist was regarded as an indispensable painter of the Viennese scene.

Gustav Klimt left behind him an enigmatic and mysterious work. Among the 220 canvases that we know of the painter, we retain his portraits of women gilded with fine gold, both magical and disturbing.

A modern way of approaching the work of the great Viennese painter gives a second life to the paintings. Get ready to live a colourful journey into the heart of luminous and contemporary works.


The Epicuriales 2019

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Mlle Inwood

The Epicuriales 2019


Bordeaux is one of the cities that defends the epicurean way of life. What is an epicurean? The term epicurean is nothing more than a philosophy of life, it is to be a person who is looking for pleasure. Bordeaux invites you to discover all the pleasures of the epicurean through its arts of living, its cultural influence and a past steeped in history.

I live my life as a Bordeaux epicurean by walking through the streets of the city to discover new restaurants, brasseries, and other places to share like Bordeaux. My favorite sin? A good glass of wine from our Bordeaux heritage, to accompany local specialties.


And if I am talking to you today about Bordeaux and its epicurean way of life, it is also to share with you the most expected event of the year: "Les Epicuriales" de Bordeaux.

Les Epicuriales is above all an emblematic event of gastronomy and bistronomy that brings together more than twenty restaurants for two consecutive weeks. The success of "Les Epicuriales?" A single place where all types of restaurants can be found: fast, traditional or top-of-the-range. Organized by the Bordeaux neighbourhood round table and the town hall, this meeting place attracts more than 250,000 visitors each year and thus launches the start of summer events.

The best chefs restaurateurs in the region, located on the Allées de Tourny, specially designed for the occasion, meet to share their love of local, national and international products. Thanks to the creation of ephemeral restaurants, a friendly atmosphere is created around this gathering.

To all epicureans, we look forward to seeing you from 13 to 23 June 2019 for the 25th edition! Open from 11am to 1am, I still advise you to book your table in advance to guarantee you a choice seat.


The new trend : Do It Yourself

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Mlle Inwood

The new trend : Do It Yourself


Do you know the do it yourself? Because there is nothing more gratifying than the fact of creating a unique piece yourself, I have chosen today to discuss one of my passions with you.

For my part, I have always been attracted to do it yourself because it allows me to discover and learn new things, to be able to create and bring out my DIY soul. I feel so proud of myself at the end of each of my realizations.

As you may have understood, do it yourself means in French doing things yourself. It is ultimately the best way to be able to appreciate the value of each object and the work that each person does.


It is for all these different reasons that I propose you today to discover the next place to meet experts and future apprentices of DIY: La Planche. Located in a old body in the heart of the Saint-Michel district of Bordeaux, La Planche is a workplace dedicated to woodworking.

Victor du Peloux and Clément Belin, respectively architect and engineer in the building, opened their workshop around wood on March 30. Their idea is simple: Advise, share their passion around knowledge exchanges.

So I advise you to try your handyman skills and redecorate your home with DIY furniture.

« Love, creation and discovery»



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Mlle Inwood



The name Bordeaux has always been synonymous with quality and discovery for all wine lovers and experts. Wine brings people together and allows them to share a passion that many shares. During my various travels, I discovered that wine also allows me to learn more about the culture of a country than any other drink.

Wine makes it possible to highlight the richness of men and the richness of nature mixed through a diversity, a know-how that continues to evolve from year to year.

Depending on consumption habits and production methods, a wine will not be tasted in the same way in France as it is abroad.  We will not find the same aromatic complexities or the same bones from one wine to another. Wine allows me to tell a story that evolves over time. The one of the different civilizations that have rocked our world.


And if I am talking to you today about wine and Bordeaux, it is also to inform you that Vinexpo will open its doors at the exhibition center in Bordeaux lac from 13 May to 16 May 2019. These three days will be punctuated by numerous events such as master classes on Italian wines or conferences on very current topics such as the impact of climate change on vineyards worldwide.

So many subjects that since its creation in 1981 by the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the World Wine and Spirits Exhibition has brought together no less than 45,000 visitors passionate about the wine industry from all over the world. 

We look forward to seeing you in the wonderful city of Bordeaux, which will become the world's wine capital for a few days.

And as Theodora de Banville told us, "At the bottom of the wine lies a soul".

« Love, wine and casualness »

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