Les Bassins de Lumières

Les Bassins de Lumières


Digital art is coming to Bordeaux with the arrival of a new centre created by Culturespaces: the Bassins des Lumières. In the spring of 2020, the city's former submarine base, a remnant of the Second World War, will become a cultural hotspot. This artistic project, combining contemporary creation and digital images, will host various immersive exhibitions throughout the year.

Les Bassins de Lumières will offer new visual and sound experiences in an extraordinary space. 13,000 m² of total surface area, 12,000 m² of projection area, 4 basins 110 m long, 90 video projectors and 80 speakers: you will be totally immersed in the work of the artists in the honour of the upcoming exhibitions!


The exhibition Klimt, Gold and Colours will open the ball with a sensational immersion in the most beautiful paintings by Gustav Klimt.  Do you know, my dear readers, Gustav Klimt? At the beginning of the 20th century, the Austrian artist was regarded as an indispensable painter of the Viennese scene.

Gustav Klimt left behind him an enigmatic and mysterious work. Among the 220 canvases that we know of the painter, we retain his portraits of women gilded with fine gold, both magical and disturbing.

A modern way of approaching the work of the great Viennese painter gives a second life to the paintings. Get ready to live a colourful journey into the heart of luminous and contemporary works.

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