The Bordeaux International Fair 2020

The Bordeaux International Fair 2020


I'm a young woman very curious about the world that surrounds me. I like to travel, participate in various exhibitions and exchange with my friends on current topics. For me, learning is synonymous of knowledge and open-mindedness. I believe that being receptive to new ideas involving different points of view makes me grow and allows me to exchange more easily with the people around me.

As far as I am concerned, I develop and maintain my open-mindedness by expanding intellectually through an inexhaustible source of inspiration: the exploration of the world and of others. It is certainly a source of imagination and creativity. This is the reason for my almost systematic participation and my enthusiasm when I learn that an event is coming up.


And if I'm telling you today about all this, it's not without reason. Indeed, one of the biggest events of the year will soon open its doors in the city of epicurean pleasures: The Bordeaux International Fair.

The Bordeaux International Fair, is above all an unmissable event that is meant to be convivial and festive. Bringing together 1200 exhibitors each year, the fair will be structured around 4 major poles: The first pole will focus on the creation of its universe through the discovery of the housing sector. The second pole will focus on the theme of leisure and discovery. And as the city of Bordeaux refers to epicurean pleasures, the fair will organize a pole dedicated to awakening the greed of its visitors thanks to numerous bars, restaurants and exhibitors offering gastronomic products from the region.

And did you know that New Aquitaine is France's leading agricultural region? Well, in order to respect this adage, the Bordeaux fair will also offer a "Salon de l'agriculture" centre, a real window on regional agriculture.

And for the little extra, after six years of research, the Bordeaux International Fair will also present for the first time in Europe the discovery of Howard CARTER's tomb of Tutankhamun and his treasure. An important and fascinating chapter in the history of archaeology, this exhibition will be present for 9 days.

See you all at the exhibition centre from 16 to 24 May 2020 for the 99th edition! Open from 10 am to 7 pm.

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