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The Burdigala, 5 stars hotel in Bordeaux, presents itself, post-renovation, as a lifestyle hotel offering a pleasant living experience both by day and night. With its spacious areas dedicated to communal activities, this design hotel in Bordeaux stands out as a vibrant space that injects energy into the neighborhoodneighbourhood, bringing together travelerstravellers and the local Bordeaux community.


Fabien Roques

Fabien Roques, always inspired by renowned designers interiors and driven by an insatiable search for the finest details, naturally gravitated towards interior architecture. In 2004, he joined the prestigious "Andrée Putman" agency, where he conceived and realized luxurious apartments and furniture collections. His journey continued in 2006 when he met Elliott Barnes, who enlisted him as a project manager. This collaboration resulted in numerous prestigious projects, ranging from luxury apartments in Paris and Tokyo to somptuous chalets in Megève, and the complete redevelopment of the Ruinart Maison in Reims, as well as design lofts, spas, and notable projects such as the Jazz club Le Duc des Lombards in Paris.

In 2011, drawing from his experiences with prominent figures in interior architecture, Fabien Roque decided to create his own agency, "Roque Intérieurs". His professional journey and encounters led him to specialize in hotel projects while preserving high-end apartment and villa projects, both in France and abroad. He also developed his own furniture collections. The agency skillfully handles materials and light with sensitivity and expertise, creating unique and tailored emotions for each project.


The hotel

The adventure takes off in September 2021 when architect Fabien Roque brilliantly wins the renovation competition for the Burdigala Hotel. This Parisian luxury specialist distinguishes himself with a bold vision: transforming the hotel into a lifestyle heaven, welcoming and equipped with a diverse range of services. His ultimate goal is to make Burdigala an exceptional meeting and sharing place in Bordeaux. Thus, this project symbolizes the long-awaited rebirth of the establishment, a new chapter for this unique hotel.


A Cocoon of Elegance and Conviviality

Each stay at Burdigala is a unique experience aimed at creating memorable moments. This distinctive approach is evident in the numerous services offered by the hotel and its carefully thought-out decoration. The interior architect sought to design an ultra-comfortable living space where walnut hardwood, brass, and marble harmoniously blend to transform the establishment into a cocoon where every guest feels at home. This warm atmosphere extends to all spaces, from the lobby to the restaurant, the co-working space, and the 83 rooms.

The interior architect, however, aimed to establish differentiation among the rooms, ensuring that each one is unique. Fabien Roque conceived various typologies, diverse arrangements, and all the furniture was custom-designed. Whether it's hardwood floors or carpets, along with various lighting scenarios, these sleep temples are transformed into exceptional spaces in this 5 stars hotel in Bordeaux.


Carefully Designed and Thoughtful Living Spaces

Shared Spaces

More than just a hotel where encounters happen by chance, Burdigala stands out for its genuine commitment to sharing. Discover a meticulously designed co-working space, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The game room invites you to playful and relaxing moments in an environment encouraging spontaneous encounters.

In a relaxation-dedicated ambiance, treat yourself to a memorable experience in our private cinema that can accommodate up to 22 people. Finally, for memorable souvenirs, indulge yourself or surprise your loved ones with an original range of merchandise available in our shop: sented candles, illustrated tote bags, elegant notebooks… The shopping moment is sure to charm you!

Rooms & Suites

Delicately decorated and rooted in contemporary trends, the 83 rooms at Burdigala will become your peaceful shelter in the heart of Bordeaux. 

Noble materials and natural hues harmonize to create an intimate and warm cocoon, away from the urban hustle. Shared services and advanced facilities promise unique experiences, encouraging you to share much more than just a living space. Combining comfort and functionality, each element is meticulously designed to transform your stay into a timeless and truly exceptional experience.

Workshops and Seminars

Explore our diverse venues and meeting spaces suited for innovationand inspiration, infused with the unique and original atmosphere of Burdigala's design decoration.

Bar & Restaurant

Welcome to our restaurant, Madame B, where a warm welcome awaits, and you can try our delicious seasonal dishes, offering a gourmet break in the heart of your day. The ambiance is carefully designed with noble materials and warm colors, creating visual harmony for an unforgettable culinary experience.

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